About Us

Years of experience as one of the Barossa’s most sought after caterers put Barb Buggy in the perfect position to see an edible gap amongst the abundance of local produce sourced in the Valley. While a bounty of handcrafted cheese, charcuterie and preserves make up the traditions of the Barossa, to really shine, each requires something for their full flavour to ride on – enter Barossa Bark™; a handmade, local take on lavosh style crispbread.

When good food is an essential part of everyday, there will always be a preference for bespoke produce and Bark™ crispbread is truly that; rolled and hand cut, each piece has its own unique shape and buttery colour as Barb explains, “After experimenting with some recipes, we landed on exactly the right balance of flavour, colour and texture. To add to that, our rolling and hand cutting creates the most beautiful, randomly shaped crisp bread – Barossa Bark™ crispbread ticks all the boxes when it comes to putting together a delicious platter. It has the full flavour and unique beauty of its handcrafting.”

It was this exact search for something that stood out from the crowd that motivated Barbara to create Barossa Bark™ over 20 years ago. During her time working in the restaurant and catering industry, Barbara was looking for something different to the commercially produced crisp breads on offer; something that not only tasted great as an accompaniment to cheese, dips and charcuterie, but would also make a beautiful addition on the plate visually.  Once the recipe was perfected, the next step was finding a name to convey the product’s unique provenance. The answer came, in true local style, as Barb says,” I was sitting on our veranda one Summer evening with a glass of wine in hand, and right in front of me was a beautiful old gum tree, with its bark characteristically peeling away.  The trade mark Barossa Bark™ was born!”

Barossa Bark™ and Bark™ are our registered trade marks – Beware of imposters